A Cryptocurrency Fund Primefund Capital Provided More Than a Traditional Crypto Trading

primefund capital

Cryptocurrency is a highly liquid asset with a huge growth potential, which should be invested in wisely. If the investor is not a professional in the field and does not understand all the cryptotrading nuances, it is better to transfer your assets management into safe hands. For this purpose, there are special crypto funds that invest in various cryptocurrencies, thereby diversifying the risks. One of such successful cryptocurrency services is the crypto fund from the PRIMEFUND CAPITAL company.  The Fund makes investments not only in traditional cryptotrading digital assets, but also deals with hedging transactions, which allows to increase the rate of successful financial transactions.

PRIMEFUND CAPITAL crypto trading benefits

The company is a professional player in the field of crypto trading and has been specializing in buying and selling cryptocurrencies for several years. As for the features of crypto trading in PRIMEFUND CAPITAL, there are a number of advantages. First, in order to participate in profitable activities, the company does not require investing large amounts of capital or fulfilling any specific conditions from participants. Unlike many other projects of this kind, which require to make investments in the amount of thousands or even tens of thousands dollars, the minimum investment threshold in PRIMEFUND CAPITAL starts from $8 (and grows to $50 depending on the chosen investment plan).

Secondly, there are no strict requirements regarding the investor to work with the crypto fund. The company offers cooperation to both legal entities and private investors. Thirdly, the deposits terms are quite short (from 10 days), at the end of each of which the initial deposit is returned. And finally, it is the freedom of choice for the investor. Let’s explain what we are talking about. There are several investment plans in the process of investment activities through PRIMEFUND CAPITAL, within each of the plans such parameters as the minimum investment threshold, deposit term, daily yield, method of dividends payment and the amount of the initial deposit vary. The investor is free to choose the most suitable plan, which is very convenient. The crypto fund founders have simplified the registration process as much as possible, which also speeds up the work with the platform.


The PRIMEFUND CAPITAL company is seeking to develop a new global concept of crypto trading on the basis of their professional experience, as well as to focus on successful international experiences in implementation of its activities. The crypto fund founders are aimed at improving the investment efficiency and reliability of their company. In addition, the company cares about the investments of its investors, and therefore one of the project team main goals is to ensure the investments safety. A unique deposit protection technology is implemented for that. In case of unforeseen situations, compensation of the invested funds will be carried out at the expense of the reserve fund, for whose needs 20% of all invested funds are directed.

Affiliate program

The number of registered participants is more than 1,300 people today. However, the PRIMEFUND CAPITAL creators have developed a special affiliate program, which serves as an alternative source of “non-deposit” earnings for participants. Detailed conditions of the program can be found on the company official website. Let’s just say one thing, you can earn both on the participants invited by the investor and on those who invested in PRIMEFUND CAPITAL at the second level of the affiliate program. The more referrals invest, the more the investor who sent the referral link gets. To participate in the program, you only need to register and get a referral link in your personal account. Join the PRIME FUND CAPITAL large-scale community and invite others!

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