Crypto Hot Picks: The Top 3 Coins Expected to Skyrocket in the Market

Crypto news is currently the hottest news, with coins shifting the market with slight changes and investors buying new coins daily. But which crypto coin will provide the maximum “crypto millionaires” news in 2024?

As per experts, three crypto coins have the potential to turn around the tables and make breaking news in no time.

BEFE Meme Coin

BEFE gained extreme popularity within a few months of its launch due to its high potential and great buying value. Even now, investors happily buy BEFE as it continuously shows bullish indicators.

As per the 19 March 2024 price news, BEFE’s buying value is at $0.0004296, showing a slight dip of 1.81% in the past 24 hours. However, as per past news, the crypto coin is bound to rise again and make news headlines soon.

Moreover, the only way to buy BEFE is by staking their BRISE crypto tokens, and looking at the current performance of both, investors can benefit a lot through BEFE’s staking policy.

Bitgert Tokens

Though Bitgert had a slow start, it has several features that always kept it in the crypto news headlines. The crypto coin’s zero gas fees, high transaction speed, and moderate supply value helped investors make a profit even during the bearish crypto period.

Besides, the upcoming news of Bitgert’s coin burning event and listing on Europe’s famous exchange platform are affecting the coin’s growth positively. Moreover, using BRISE tokens to buy BEFE also makes the former crypto coin one of the most buyable options for investors.

As per BRISE’s current price news on 19 March 2024, its buying value is at $0.0000002471, indicating a slight dip of 3.94% in the past 24 hours.

Centcex Blockchain

Centcex already made news at the time of its launch back in November 2021 by opening a buying value of $0.001974 and achieved its ATH value of $0.007537 back in May 2022. Though Centcex is not performing well, it still has the potential of making it to the news of being the most buyable crypto coin of 2024.

That’s because Centcex designs decentralized exchanges for upcoming Web 3.0 projects. On top of that, it also provides staking platforms where investors can buy, exchange, and stake their tokens.

Final Words

Deciding which crypto coin to buy is difficult as there are several coins available in the market. Besides, analyzing every single one of them is not at all easy. That’s why we suggest you update yourself with all the latest crypto news, research on potential coins, observe their performance, and then buy the one that meets your expectations.

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