Crypto PowerRanks: Powering your Crypto Returns

Trading, whether it is stocks, commodities or crypto, all require extensive and thorough deep research. Without proper research, you might as well gamble your money away. Some people consider trading a hit and miss activity, where sometimes you make money, other times you lose it. There is some truth to that, but trading is not a hit and miss job.

Trading requires a sound strategy behind it if you want to succeed in it. All the whales and good traders follow a strategy that suits their requirements. Sure, this strategy is not 100% successful at all times, but if it achieves more than 50% successful trades, then it’s a sound strategy.

The next logical question is how to build a plan or strategy for trading cryptocurrencies? Developing a plan requires data. The data should be accurate, up-to-date, and you should know how to use it wisely. The problem with the crypto markets is that it lacks extensive regulations. This leads to a very unreliable market, where cheaters can thrive due to the absence of checks and balances.

Consequently, the existence of fraudulent or completely corrupt data is quite common in the crypto market. Most analysis about crypto coins is fueled by emotions. For a professional trader, this is a nightmare, and they cannot operate efficiently in such a situation.

While keeping in mind the issues stated above, a Minneapolis based investment research firm, WaterStreet, has developed a program that resolves these issues. It’s a first-of-its-kind membership program that is called Crypto PowerRanks. The premise behind this project is that the crypto market requires analysis that is based on quantitative, transparent data instead of emotionally fueled, corrupted data.

Just to be clear, Crypto PowerRanks doesn’t develop crypto strategies, they basically provide members with access to proven, institutional level analytics, and reports. The members can then use this information to build their own crypto trading plans. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the platform and the kind of features it provides.

Crypto PowerRanks

Crypto PowerRanks has a number of features to help traders get a better understanding of the whole market. It has twice the number of market consensus indicators, The Market Consensus 15 PowerIndicator and The Market Consensus 30 PowerIndicator. The former looks at the 15 largest crypto assets in the market and the latter uses the 30 largest crypto assets.

The tactical index series is another great tool being used by the platform to provide detailed information and traders can use it to navigate and monitor today’s ever-shifting crypto market. The WaterStreet research partners have a proven track record, with more than 50 years of combined experience. Their strategies have developed from the experience of managing billions of dollars in assets.


The following are some of the main tools that are included in the Crypto PowerRanks platform:


Crypto PowerRanks supports 12 AI-driven indices in their three different series; momentum series, Minimum Volatility series, and lastly, the Tactical series. The platform uses quantitative and factor-based investing models. These same models have been used by investment institutions and world-class fund managers for decades. These indices will be used to measure a coin’s performance based on various factors. You can then use these indices to generate a portfolio that meets your requirements and is backed by transparent research.



In order to provide traders with the latest information about the crypto markets, PowerRanks will publish weekly reports. These reports will provide the traders with concise, actionable information, and will also provide insight into the changes in the PowerIndices. The reports will contain a clear description of the market and how the traders can use the platform to benefit themselves and improve their trades.


One of the most difficult parts of trading is to determine whether a certain asset will appreciate or depreciate in the next few days. To help with this conundrum, the PowerRanks platform contains PowerIndicators. These indicators contain various different technical tools that traders can use to better understand an asset or group of assets.

These indicators will make the market clear for you and help you make trading decisions effectively. These tools have been developed from the decades of experience of the PowerRanks team. Some of the main tools that are included in the PowerIndicators are:

  • Individual Momentum
  • Market Consensus Indicator
  • Momentum PowerRanks
  • Volatility PowerRanks
  • Alpha Cycle Indicators
  • Correlations Indicator


In order to determine the performance of an asset, there is a standard, from which the performance can be compared. That is exactly what PowerBenchmarks is. The platform contains 20 benchmark indices that can be compared with the selected asset. This will provide you with an insight into the benefit of the diversification and can help you determine performance, volatility, and quality of a specific crypto market segment.

PowerRanks News

The last important feature of the platform is the PowerRanks News, which is an AI compiled news segment. The platform automatically collects the latest and the most important news related to the crypto market. Traders can use this to keep themselves up to date with the latest news pertaining to the crypto world.

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