Market Watch July 1

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The first half of 2018 has come to an end and Bitcoin and Ethereum are now finally gaining stability following the slump in recent weeks, with BTC trading at a mild $6,372 and ETH at $455 within the last 24hrs.


The combined market cap for the top two would go on to end the day at $154 billion. In general, the crypto market seems to be making a quick recovery after recording a $256 billion market cap for all cryptocurrencies, a figure that trumps everything we saw in the past week.

Major Headlines

Floods in China Heavily Damage Major Crypto Mining Operation. Tens of Thousands of Miners May Be Beyond Repair.

133 Deputies From the Spanish Ruling Party Proposes Blockchain For Country Administration.

Coinbase Opens New Office in Portland this fall, Bids GDAX Goodbye.

Significant Gainers And Losers

Banca (+37.75%)

Some of the major coins in the market ended the last 24 hours in an upward swing, and Banca (BANCA) tops the list of the highest gainers with a 37.95 percent increase in price against the USD. At the time of writing, Banca has been on a surge – selling at $0.0013 with a daily trading volume of $2,345,800. Banca received a lot of attention from investors due to the coin voting contest for FCoin exchange listing.

Populous (+25.42%)

Ranking 39, Populous (PPT) emerged the second most significant gainers in the market over the last 24 hours period. PPT is on the green side, indicating a 25% increase on its price movement against the dollar. This looks like a price correction. Populous has been on a decline over the past month giving some investors the opportunity to ‘buy the dip’. The token is currently in a positive moment, and at this point, Populous could retrace with a solid structural resistance zone. At the time of writing PPT trades at  $8.38 with a volume of $11,542,000.

MyBit Token (-28.75%)

MyBit Token (MYB) emerged the most significant loser in the last day. MYB ended the day with a sharp decline of 28.75% against the USD, accruing a trading volume of $113,897. MyBit trades at $0.038 with a market cap of $2,605,048. While no one is certain what caused the slump, it could be that the market has become scary for some investors which led to a dump.

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