Market Watch June.22

The volatility of cryptocurrencies has once again taken its toll on Bitcoin in what was a 5% decrease from the previous day figures. A lower price of $6,402 meant it was not the best of the day for Bitcoin investors who also watched on as Ethereum made a 8% trip backward to sale for $495.

Bitcoin market cap following the decline is $110B with ETH still far behind at $51B with a 24 hour trading volume of 3.8 billion and 1.6 billion respectively. This gives the total market cap for Bitcoin and Ethereum as $161B.

The total cryptocurrencies market is currently capped at $270 Billion.

Significant Gainers And Losers

Centrality (+66.76%)

Centrality (CENNZ) is the most significant gainer in the crypto market over a 24 hour period, trading at $0.18, a 66.76% increase against the dollar with a  trading volume of $645,139 and a market cap of $146 million. This high surge could be as a result of the new partnership with AWS technology which was announced on Twitter.

Game.Com (+40.65)

It was a good day for (GTC) inv as it surged high by a massive 40.45% against the USD trading at $0.18 over a 24 hour period with a volume of $26,669,300 and a market cap of $135 million, at the time of writing.This could be another pump and dump speculation.

FunFair (+7.36%)


FunFair (FUN) surged 7.36% against the dollar over a 24 hour trading period after it was listed in the palm beach confidential, a paid newsletter released every month. While no one is sure, this could be a speculative pump and dump. Fun currently ranks 73 on the coin market with a 24 hour trading volume of $9,495,620 and a market cap of $132 million.

Veritaseum (-11.10%)


Veritaseum (VERI) dropped by 11.10% against the USD and trades at $56.57  with a 24 hour trading volume of $898,909 and a market cap of $115 million despite the big announcement that it would be assisting some high-quality companies to launch tokens that will attract investors from around the world.

CyberMiles  (-14.28)


CyberMiles (CMT) slides by 14.28% against the dollar, 9.53% to BTC and 6.87% to Ethereum over a 24 hour trading period. At the time of writing, CMT trades at $0.18 with a volume of $18,198,600 and market cap of $124 million as it prepares to launch its MainNet.

Loom Network (-10.70%)


The last 24 hours ended sadly for both old and new Investors in the Loom Network. Loom declined by 10.70% against the dollar and trades at  $0.17 with a trading volume of $2,695,550 and a market cap of $99 million.

Major Headlines

Ripple CEO Defends XRP’s Utility at Future of Fintech Conference, says it not a security in any way.

US Congressman Warren Davidson Says ICO Market Needs ‘Light Touch’ Regulation Not Rigid Rules, to Provide Certainty.

Bitcoin Makes Historic First Appearance in the US Supreme Court Opinion. Not for regulatory issues.

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