Market Watch June 27

Bitcoin and Ethereum

A sharp decline in the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last 24 hours is threatening to set the tone for the midweek market activity as both coins hit a low $6,070 and $434 respectively.

The decline is also noticed across the top 18 cryptocurrencies and beyond, bringing down the total cryptocurrency market cap to a low of $245 billion.

BTC Jun27

Major Crypto Headlines

Us Senators Discuss Crypto Threat To Domestic Elections Says it is “tailor-made” for foreign powers hoping to influence American Elections

Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads, Maintains Ban on ICOs and Binary Options

Nobel Economist Naysayer Robert Shiller Calls Bitcoin A ‘Social Movement’. Admit He Likes The Innovative Spirit and Excitement That Cryptocurrency Has Created.


Significant Gainers And Losers

BitWhite (+513.95%)

BitWhite (BTW) took the crypto market by storm over the last 24h trading period with a massive 513.95 percent increase against the dollar. BTW traded at $0.189, with a trading volume of $233,738 and a market cap of $6,860,773. While no one is sure what prompted the surge, it seems like another price manipulation to attract more unsuspecting investors to the project.

Biotron (+150.15%)

After signing a partnership agreement with to help create a blockchain-based medical data analytics ecosystem,  Biotron (BTRN) ended the last 24h trading period with an incredible 150% jump against the dollar, trading at $0.074. The increase in price was followed by a trading volume of $113,028 and a market cap of $2,293,421.

Karma (+29.05%)

Karma (KRM) has been performing extremely well over the last few months. KRM saw a 29.05 percent surge against the USD in the past 24h of trading after being listed on BTC-Alpha exchange against the USDT. KRM traded at $0.0087 with a volume of $120,287 The rumors that KRM would soon be listed on HitBtc exchange could have also caused the price surge, and this has made Investors very optimistic that the project is moving towards the right direction while they wait for a public announcement from the Karma team

PeepCoin (-83.59%)

PeepCoin (PCN) ended the last 24h on a downturn, trading for $0.000117, an 83.59 percent decline against the USD with a volume of $2,757,120. This comes after the big announcement that the PeepCoin Project has been swapped to DAPS project. While many investors were disappointed upon receiving this announcement, few are still hopeful. Only time will tell whether or not PCN will turn into another abandoned project.

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